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ore chances with pub you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. if you walk by or drive through, they will know the area taking no more chances with public safety. more money for illegal immigrants living in california. the stash of cash state lawmakers opened up to them. at one point, sure, it was for the kids but seven books and eight movies later the face of the potter fan has changed a bit. the witches and wizards turned young professionals out for tonight's grand finale. >> i'm ken batista. >> i'm dana king. detouring crime where a restaurant owner was shot and killed last spring. robert lyles with the story. >> reporter: it has been three
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months in oakland's fruitvale district still wearing the strings of mourning. he was 58-year-old jesus compost. the owner of a restaurant. a fixture at the corner of 39th and international for decades. but just before dawn on april 8th gunmen turned his life dream into a horrifying murder scene. >> it is frustrating to know that someone can actually commit this murder and still be walking among us. >> reporter: so for those who have also built their dreams in the fruitvale they want more. >> we have made demands out of what we respect. >> reporter: born out of this city promise. >> we will unindate the area in the very future to make sure -- to make sure residents are kept save. >> reporter: between high and
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fruitvale. these electronic skies. >> it is believed the shooter ran this way. >> it is believed that the shooters took off in a vehicle that was waiting. >> reporter: but a camera just six doors down didn't capture the fleeing motor suspects. it was recording the opposite direction. so the new $1500 high resolution cameras will allow cops to zoom in on faces, even license plates. in exchange merchants. >> will give a key of their location to the police and access their alarm code so they can go in anytime. >> reporter: after the murder residents welcome big brother. >> do you think it will make you feel safer? >> i think it will. >> i think wherever they have cameras people feel safer. >> reporter: the cameras record realtime but do not provide a live feed back to police. those cameras will be owned by the city of oakland. total price tag is approximately $70,000. but no word tonight on how that
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expense was paid. meanwhile, dana, after three months there is still no named suspects in the murder of compost. >> great they followed up on this. i'm wondering in light of all the cutbacks and such, they need people to man the cameras. >> reporter: they do not provide a realtime feed back to oakland police. they will record on sight. if there is an event police are able as we mentioned in the story that shop owners are giving keys. police can go into the establishment, take the recording and then use the video. >> thank you for clarifying. i'm sorry, i misunderstood that. robert in oakland. thank you very much. richmond police seized nearly $1 million worth of cocaine and meth at an apartment today. take a look at the drugs, the money and weapons police collected near riverside
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avenue. they got a search warrant for the spot and after another one, after officers on a stake out saw a drug transaction go down. investigators say it drove off and tossed a kilo of coke out the windows. all seven were arrested including a suspected big time dealer who police had been watching. well, it is official. the cost of a college education is going up once again for hundreds of thousands of u.c. students and a lot of their parents too. demonstrators dressed in disney costumes to protest the vote. but regents said they had no choice other than to approve a 9% increase on top of an 8% increase bringing undergrad tuition to more than $12,000 a year. that is 18% higher than last year. >> i'm already working as a barrista and server and with this tuition hike i will have
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to take out more loans. >> the fees take effect this fall. the demonstrators wore disney outfits to protest state tax breaks granted to disney. one u.c. regent is a disney board member. illegal immigrants in california may soon have an easier time paying for college. a section of the california dream act is on its way to the governor's act. kiet do shows us what's on the line. >> reporter: after 15 years of living in the shadows anna says no more hiding. >> did it take a lot of courage for you to sit down here today? >> yes. her family entered the u.s. from mexico illegally when she was seven. now 22 she holds two associate degrees but can't afford to go to a four-year college. and so felt the time to go public was now. >> you're not afraid to show your face? >> of course not.
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>> why not? >> that's the problem. you don't put a face to an issue. you dehumanize people by saying illegal immigrant. >> reporter: part of the california dream act was passed. governor brown is expected to sign it. the new law would let students who pay instate tuition collect privately funded scholarships including those students that are in the country illegally. >> reporter: one man said he voted against it because he says it gives undocumented students false hope they will be able to get a job after graduation. there are 25,000 undocumented students. >> there might be someone in washington that sees this and saying this student is taking money that should be going to my son or daughter who is an american citizen. >> i would really honestly say
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i am not taking anything. if someone gets a scholarship it is most likely because they have been chosen to receive that scholarship. >> reporter: anna says once it goes into effect she will likely be able to go onto san jose state or merced where she has already been accepted. >> i really do want to make a better -- i really love california. it is the only home i have ever known. and i hope people can understand that. >> reporter: kiet do, cbs5. another landmark deal signed in california. public schools will be required to cover the contributions of the gay community in social studies courses making california the first state in the union to require the curriculum. history should be honest the governor said. a state senator said teaching gay history in schools will teach students to be more acceptable of gays and
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lesbians. tomorrow president obama will again address the nation on the status of negotiations to increase the debt ceiling. tonight congressional leaders left the fifth round of talks saying there is progress. chip reed shows us the road to compromise is clearly paveed with frustration. >> reporter: today's meeting at the white house was described as polite. a stark contrast to how yesterday's ended when according to republican house leader eric cantor the president stormed out. >> he said eric, don't call my bluff. he said i'm going to the american people are this. he slugged his shoulders and said i'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: the white house says the idea that the president stormed out is preposterous and so did nancy pelosi who have in the room. >> i don't understand what the problem with. the president who has had a meeting for over two hours stands up and says i'll see you
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tomorrow. that's how meetings end. you don't leave first. the president leaves first. >> reporter: the cbs5 station in philadelphia, president obama appeared and said how frustrated he is with the republican negotiators. >> what i did say to them very bluntly the american people expect us to stop political postures, stop playing games and solve the problems. >> reporter: a catastrophe less than three weeks away key members of both parties are considering a plan b to raise the debt limit before the august 2nd deadline even if that means putting off a debt reduction deal until later. today white house press secretary jay carnie said friday will be a crucial day in the negotiations. >> the president views friday as an important moment where we can make an assessment about whether we are moving toward a significant bipartisan agreement on deficit reduction. or not. >> reporter: if the answer is no on a debt deal, carnie suggested the white house too
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will begin looking for other ways to raise the debt limit. chip reed, cbs news, the white house. also out of washington the pentagon is confirming that hackers stole 24,000 files from defense industry computers including designs of cutting edge military technology. this happened about four months ago. the deputy secretary of defense says that there are thousands of attempted intrusions on the pentagon's networks each day. and three years ago a foreign intelligence agency penetrated a classified computer network used by the u.s. central command which runs the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> how long were they in? >> probably a matter of months. >> they were in a matter of months undetected? >> yes. >> that must have been a wake up call. >> that was a wake up call. >> and it led us to the creation of it. >> right now only countries like china and russia have the capability to launch a cyber
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attack that could take down this country's power grid or banking system. a hunger struck at california prisons is entering its third week. a vigil was held at pelican bay state prison. prisoners stopped eating july 1st protesting what they call deplorable conditions and say they plan to make a statement with their deaths. >> they are reaching past death to give meaning to their lives through the way they choose to die as opposed to having it be forced on them by the torture of the prison system. >> prison officials say they are concerned but they say nurses are ready to provide medical care to those who want it. new study out there suggests being in prison cuts the risk of death in half for black men. researchers at the university of north carolina chapel hill
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looked at the records of 1000 men held at some points in north carolina prisons over a decade. being in prison seemed to reduce black men's risk of drug or alcohol-related deaths. fatalities related to cancer. diabetes. cardiovascular disease. suicide. even murder. they are all lower. white men were more likely to die if prison but no difference in the death rate for black and white men behind bars. >> after a series of near collisions it finally happened. two planes ran into each other on the tarmac. hear from the people on board. well, the speed limit is the speed limit and in case you forget she's there for every commuter to remind you. and the one woman speed enforcement crew that is greating south bay drivers. the wait is over. and for these fans it couldn't come soon enough. some of the first people in the bay area to see the final harry
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potter movie. 40. last summer was one of the coolest summers in 40 years and this summer we are making a run for it. the day this weekend that will pan out to be the coolest as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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the wing of a delta 767 jet clipped the two planes collided on a taxiway in boston tonight. the wing of a delta 767 jet clipped the tail of a smaller commuter plane. the 767 was taxiing to the runway at the time of the collision. passengers describe the impact as a big bump.
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>> it looks awfully close and just clipped it. and the tip of the wing just sheered right off and i think the whole tail section, like the tail fin came off of the other plane. >> people were freaking out but everybody was pretty calm overall. >> i travel a lot. life goes on. no one got hurt. everybody is okay. no one on the other plane seemed to be hurt. we are staying at the seaport hotel. go have a nice drink and call it a night. >> nobody was seriously hurt. one passenger complained of neck pain. she is 71. and she wants you to drive 25. sherry williams is sick and tired of people ignoring the speed limit along mt. mckinly drive, the residential street where she lives in san jose. she understands police are shorthanded because of budget cuts so she is taking matters into her own hands. >> i know it is fast enough that if some child ran out in the street after their ball or
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something they would be dead. that's how fast they are going. >> some drivers take offense and wave obscene gestures at her but most appreciate what she doing. williams hopes it is enough to get the city's attention. a disappearing act that requires little magic. harry potter style. anxious crowds descending on the bay area. elizabeth cook is in santa clara tonight where the crowd is growing ahead of the midnight showing. elizabeth? >> reporter: it certainly is. ken, can you believe that 10 years ago the first harry potter film was released? most of the fans here were in grade school when it first came out and they are back waiting in line for the midnight showing to be the first to see the final installment of the harry potter film series. much like harry, they are all grown up. it didn't matter how long they had to wait in line.
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>> i was here at 2:30 a.m. in the morning. >> i have been here last night if they wanted to stay here last night. >> reporter: they had to be here. >> i don't think we have much of anything like this. >> reporter: there were of course wizards and a few others. it wasn't back to school night in hogwart but it was a graduation of sorts for fans like veronica. >> i started when i was 11. exactly when harry potter started. i was the t.v. generation and ended up being in the book generation by the end of the year. >> reporter: harry potter magic has not worn off. >> it is one of those worlds that you never want to leave. >> reporter: tonight a bitter sweet good-bye to a franchise that cast a spell over movie goers over a generation. >> my parents have star wars, i have harry potter. >> reporter: the lines are expanding as we speak. every minute it seems 20 more people get into the line. so tickets are going fast. i will tell you if you do want to go down here to santa clara
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and you want to see them. the imax 3d are going fast. the next showing is at 3 a.m. and i spoke to the ticket office and they said those tickets are going fast. there are some regular movie tickets. definitely selling fast though. i got the chance to speak to a couple of people who had an opportunity to see a sneak preview earlier this evening and they said of it the best movie out of the entire harry potter series. >> no problem. 3 a.m. i will be done with this stuff and, yes, down there with my popcorn. not a problem, elizabeth. >> you are there, ken. i see it. >> i'm all over it. elizabeth, thank you. >> i hope they still have popcorn 3 a.m. in the morning. roberta, are you going to check the movie out? >> i think i would see it. i have seen three or four movies. incredible production wise. action wise. you get to be a kid again. wish we could cast a little bit
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of a spell on our forecast here and have a little bit of a change-up. but instead this has been the story for the past several days. areas of low clouds and fog now pushing into the city of san francisco where today ahigh temperature topped out at 61. extremely below normal. only 69 degrees in livermore. in fact, i believe the tri- valley is really feeling the unseasonably cool temperatures the most because they are averaging 19 degrees below normal for this time of the year. san jose a good 13 degrees off its usual mark. so tomorrow morning you will be greeted by areas of low clouds and fog and even the localized drizzle. this is our pinpoint forecast. you notice just how far inland the deck of clouds do extend. but the difference, a little bit earlier burn off which means we are going to see a gradual warmup. area of low pressure is finally kicking inland. high pressure over the four corner states will expands and push up that jet stream to the
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north. it is a gradual warming trend though. a blanket of clouds tonight into the 40s and 50s and tomorrow very stiff sea breeze out of the west 10 to 20 miles an hour. 54 in pacifica. to 75 degrees. outside number at the delta, fairfield, vacaville. warmest weather next time this week. that's when summer finally arrives. and we will be right back after this. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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house. but they also have a job to do. lewis wants to know "how much are professional caddies paid?" that's tonight s good question: gq they have the best seat in the house but also have a job to do lewis wants to know how much are professional caddies paid? that's tonight's good question. one goes that way. one goes right there. >> so how much is advice like this really worth? >> what you'll notice is as you get up into the fairway how much it opens up to the right side. >> that's good for me because i slice it a little bit. >> this will fit you great. >> wouldn't it be great to have a guy like this with you the next time you played golf?
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well, the pros do and they pay for that advice. >> i think on the tour 12 to 1500 for the week. >> the pro at the half moon bay golf links says the caddies on tour get a weekly salary which pretty much covers their travel and lodging expenses. the really big money comes rolling in when the pro makes the cut. that's called the 5/7/10 rule. >> then his caddie will get 5% of whatever he makes that week if he makes the cut. if the player happens to finish in the top 10 then the caddie gets 7% of that. then for a win the caddie will share 10%. >> do the math. caddies share from a purse of 1.5 million would be $150,000. that's not bad for four days' work. but lowe says it is work. >> as far as getting the right yardage and rating greens and that kind of stuff. but for players out there week- to-week you want somebody to do a lot of that work because it
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does take a lot of effort. these guys work really hard. >> go to click on "connect" to send me your good questions. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after undergoing tommy john surgery this morning... mark, start the clock. as starter are brent anderson will miss the rest of the season after undergoing tommy john surgery this morning. pabloaubrey huff launch this year's open championship... roroy mcilory won't be running away with 1-1 in the 12th. sandwich england, the site
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of this year's oakland championship. rory mcilroy won't be running away with this one. the u.s. champ went out early and shot a one over 71. 20-year-old amateur birdieing four straight holes on the back nine to move to the top of the leaderboard. he is tied with a 66. 55 is the lowest round ever by an amateur at the british open. >> roger clemens. of all the dramatic things. >> roger clemens perjury trial lasted all of two days after the judge declared a mistrial saying prosecutors presented the evidence to the jury that was not allowed. roger clemens will have to wait until september to see if a new trial will happen. >> i wonder if the d.a. is a yankees fan? >> it is interesting because some of the evidence that wasn't allowed, a player told his wife that he was using steroids and they told them you cannot use this and the prosecution used it anyway.
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>> it is called hearsay. >> this is true. >> learn something new every day. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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